Perks & Benefits

Turning 65 means many new perks for you.  The following are many of the benefits available.  Check your local businesses and health and city organizations for details.

Get Your Free Medicare Physical: Medicare offers a 1-time physical examination for free for all individuals covered under the Part B insurance coverage. This is another reason it is a good idea to sign up for Medicare during the three months leading prior to your birth date. This way once you turn 65, you can locate a physician who participates in the free exams. Depending on the doctor and what they include in the physical, you may have the following checked free of charge: vision, bone mass, cardiovascular, general health, blood pressure, and more.

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Discounted Memberships, Travel, Entertainment, and More: Numerous clubs, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and other organizations that begin their discount programs at 65 years old. Here is a very short list of a few.

· Boston Market offers 10% off
· Taco Bell offers 5% off and/or a free beverage
· Rite Aid offers a 25% discount off the first Wednesday of each month
· Alaska Airlines offer 10% off
· American Airlines offers several discounts
· InterContinental Hotels Group offers various discounts
· Southwest Airlines offers many discounts
· United Airlines offers numerous discounts
· U.S. Airways offers varied discounts
· Carmike Cinemas offers 35% off
· AT&T offers their special Senior Nation 200 Plan for $29.99 a month
· Verizon Wireless offers their Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus Plan for $29.99 a month
· AARP Membership Discounts – Membership is only $16 a year and worth it for the discounts you can get.

Collect on Your Retirement Plan: When you turn 65 and you retire from your job, you can finally begin to collect on your retirement plan. This may be a 401K or a Pension Plan. You have worked hard and deserve to retire now. The other great thing is no one will think twice at you deciding to retire at 65.

Social Security Benefits: To receive the most from your Social Security benefits at this point, you should ideally apply for them three months before your 66th birthday which is full retirement for the folks turning 66 at this point in time. However, you can apply to start receiving your benefits sooner, of course, but your monthly rate will be less than had you waited until your full retirement age, which is 66.

Property Tax Exemptions or Homestead Benefits: These benefits are huge for individuals who own or plan to own a home and/or property. Check with the city or county offices.

Contact them for answers to your Medicare questions.